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Give an unforgettable gift to that special couple with one of our wedding/anniversary chests, hand monogrammed with their initials and wedding date.  We receive many gratifying testimonials about all of the accent pieces we make, but the most memorable ones come from those that receive these special keepsakes of this most important life event.  They are certain to be treasured by future generations.

Size: 18"W x 9"H x 8"D
Colors Available:
     Red - Product #1000
     Green - Product #1010
     Blue - Product #1020
     Ochre - Product #1030
Cost: $195.00

When ordering, we will need the following information:

                 Your name:

             Your address:
                   Zip Code:
           Phone number:
         Chest product #:
         This chest is for (check one): Anniversary
The information to appear on the chest:

                The bride's initials (INITIALS 1):  

            The groom's initials (INITIALS 2):

            The date (DATE):

Note: For a wedding, traditionally the bride's initials are from her maiden name.  For an anniversary, the bride's initials are from her married name.


After you have filled out this form, please phone us to complete the order.
                                     Phone: 717-486-4058


Each chest is painted, decorated and hand finished in a multiple step process resulting in a delicately aged patina.


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our custom wooden frames.

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